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Featured links from the Fall and Winter of 2009

Hiroshi Sunairi "Tree Project" at The Horticultural Society of New York

Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine Amputee Support Group, by The Rusk Institute

Health chiefs plotting to turf wasteland over for gardens, by Adam Morris

Seeing with Other Senses: Gardens for the Blind, The Herb Companion, Feb. 3, 2007, by Joann Gardner

Garden Crusaders salute Murphy's efforts, by BlueRidge Now Staff

Gardening is good therapy, posted by Aphasia NYC

Gardening is Good Therapy, by Valerie Giles

How to Add Healing Properties to Your Garden, by Chelsea Butterworth

Community Gardening, excerpt from book by Ellen Kirby, Elizabeth Peters

How Oregonians earn their living today, by Joe Rojas Burke

Some conceptual Ideas in Horticultural Therapy Drawn from Practice, by Konrad R Neuberger, Journal of Therapeutic Horticulture, 1988

Lift your mood Gardening, by Julie

Gardening as Therapy for Children with Behavioural Disorders, by Marilyn McGinnis, Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing

Horticultural Therapy in a Psychiatric Hospital: Picking the Fruit, by Konrad Neuberger

Interaction by design: bringing people and plants together for health and wellbeing,
by Candace Shoemaker

Gardening for Health, by JP

The Garden Dirt Blog, Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Therapeutic Horticulture in Clinical Depression: A Prospective Study, by Gonzalez MT et al

The Benefits of Organic Roses Revealed, by The Gardening Guide

Therapeutic Horticulture in Clinical Depression: A Prospective Study, Horticultural Therapy at Magee Rehabilitation

Horticultural Therapy Program Wins John Walker Community Service Award

SANDUSKY, OH - Juvenile Justice Center | Horticulture Therapy & Training - Podcast

Horticultural Therapy, Thomas Ogren. Use of gardens and plants as "tools" for therapy is growing fast these days.

Horticultural therapist brings people, plants together, by Robby Nelms, StarNews Correspondent

Chadwick Arboretum Featured on PBS GardenSMART, by Martha Filipic

The Proven Power of Flowers, by Amy O'Brian, Canada Dot Com

Therapy Garden: Creation of many hands, by Brenna Wiegand, Posted in Community

Way to Grow for Veterans, by Lisa Boyle, Ayrshire Post

Garden Therapy, the blog of Steve Rice

Fighters to Farmers: Helping Out Veterans and Farms, posted by Judi Gerber

Our veterans in the garden: horticultural therapy, by Joanne Taylor, Philadelphia Gardening Examiner

Little Gardeners: New horticultural-therapy effort at Children's Center is a winner, by David Bare

Lettuce, Arugula, Collards and Kale, by Catherine McGuinn, Adaptive Gardens of the Low Country

Davis Health Care gets federal nursing home grant, by Vicky Eckenrode

OSU offers therapeutic horticulture degree, by Judy Scott, The Hillsboro Argus

Q&A: Jeffrey Downing, Vice President of Education, the New York Botanical Garden, by Christina Jelski